Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why are NYC dentists scumbags?

Surely everyone living here has wondered: how do educated and respected professionals become as dishonest as New York City dentists? I’ve seen three different dentists in the city and all of them have tried to rip me off in one way or another. The first performed unnecessary fillings and claimed not to have the standard filling material paid for by my insurance. The second repeatedly filed insurance claims incorrectly and would bill me for more than the difference. On my third dentist last week, I found the entire office running a scam to eek an extra seventy-five dollars out of soft-looking customers like myself. Have some decency people!

The problem, as well as I can tell, is that dentists in the city expect to be paid more than those outside the city. (Everybody expects this. Bums expect this, and I'm sure they get it too.) Either the insurance companies won’t pay city dentists extra, or the difference isn’t enough to make them happy. I suspect they’re greedy enough to try to bump up the price either way. They see an insured customer paying nothing out-of-pocket as easy prey, someone just asking to be billed a little extra.

Never mind that many people pay a portion of their dental premiums themselves, and even if they don’t it’s lifted from their potential salary. When I walk into a dentist expecting a free cleaning, it’s because I’ve already paid for it over the past half year. If I were going to pay anything for the cleaning, I wouldn’t have insurance in the first place. You have no right to perform some outrageous-sounding procedure when I ask for a cleaning, then tell me that at my insurance rate it would cost over $400 dollars but that you’ll only bill me $75 because you’re nice. You’re like a character from a 1980s movie about New York. You’re a scumbag. Go back to Russia.

(I didn’t pay. Thanks for the free periodontal scaling, fuckers.)