Monday, September 19, 2005

iMac busted again

Our troublesome iMac G5 failed once again last weekend. We’re still under warranty, whoop-tee-doo, but we’ve probably lost everything on the hard drive. Like most people, we have some backups but they’re incomplete and out of date.

I’m mad as hell at Apple all over again, mad enough to buy a PC in fact. I can hardly believe it myself, but the various PC parts are already on their way from Newegg for a grand total of $350. (I’m not putting Windows on it. Give me some credit.)

There’s more to it than anger, of course. My iMac G5 (like all others sold last year) is prone to overheating and generally runs at a temperature that increases the probability of component (hard drive) failure. It must be babied. I revile the idea of babying a computer, but there is nothing that I can (or Apple will) do about it.

More to come…