Wednesday, August 17, 2005

S.F. : Safe for homophobes

Waiting for Song 2022, I was lucky to overhear this snippet from the gentleman pictured, on the left:

I was expecting to see a lot of gay shit, you know, the gay boys, but it wasn’t too bad.

From the jumble of announcements I understood the next flight to be destined for Salt Lake. (The people had just arrived, and, well, plainly weren’t from New York.)

Great, a bunch of fat mormons literally talking shit about gays on their way out of San Francisco of all places. Why come? Why leave the trailer? Why come to tour a city when you hate city life? I should have given them a last-minute drag performance, but instead I snapped this photo and plotted weblog vengeance.

As I boarded the plane later I noticed the next flight was in fact for Atlanta, in my home state. Ahh, Georgie, you’re often on my mind. Each time I thank gay god I live so far from your borders.