Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Metro North does hiking

Scouring the metro north map for an upstate stop that might have cheap and convenient car rentals, I decided to figure out what the Appalachian Trail stop is all about. It’s not a town near the trail as I first supposed; it's actually a stop just for hikers. Leland and I took the train up on the Sunday before July 4th and had a nice 12 mile hike to Nuclear Lake (weird name!) and back. Taking the train to a trail is sweet. All you need to do is get to Grand Central with a book to read during the almost 2 hour trip and you can have a day on the A.T. To avoid missing the stop, you have to barge into the conductor’s party shack at the very back of the train (even if the back window is duct-taped, as ours was, and the conductor is a real jerk.) My next thought is to use this for a one way backpacking trip that ends at a different train stop. It’s like taking SNCF into the Pyrenees, except it’s actually a train and not a bus. Fun!