Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Charred, but back in action

We’re back from dee island, and our iMac is back from dee shop. I’m sunburned, and I’m likewise concerned about any lasting burn damage that Dr. Barnett may have sustained. Digital Society, where she was repaired, says everything besides the power supply checked out all right. Apple Computer, for its part, doesn't give a shit. I love to be dramatic, so I will: I’ve had it with that company. As a business, they’re awful. (Their products, unfortunately, are pretty damn cool when they aren't belching smoke.) If you ever have a problem with one of their computers, God help you, because Apple computer sure won’t. I think I'm entitled to a free AppleCare warranty extension, seeing as my 5-month old computer started smoking and possibly sustained damage that will manifest itself on the dreaded 13th month. They disagree. I'm not done fighting (and it seems there are a lot of us), but if the outcome doesn’t go my way, I’m done with their products. There are some OK-looking Sony computers, right?