Monday, March 28, 2005


I'm sorry to report that Dr. Barnett, our 20-inch iMac G5, has suffered from overheating. Leland and I were up to our usual Saturday morning routine of heavy coffee and light computer use when we noticed a strange smell. An exterminator had visited us 15 minutes prior so we didn't think much of it, though we thought it smelled of “cooked computer.” Then Leland saw smoke wafting above our fifth generation baby. I lunged for her power cord, and so ended the excitement. But where Apple is concerned, our cow-colored iMac practically burned down lower Manhattan. Here’s a sample of the questions I was asked after 20 minutes on hold:
  1. How long ago did the incident occur? As long as I've been on hold.
  2. Was there damage to other property in the area? None.
  3. How thick was the smoke? Not thick.
  4. What color was the smoke? Gray.
  5. Was the fire department called? Nope.
  6. Did you take a picture of the equipment during the incident? I wish I had!
  7. Has your insurance company surveyed the damage? Not in the half hour since the “incident” occurred.
  8. Was the damage cause by the product failure, or was it caused by actions you took in response to the product failure? What? Are you trying to imply that I'm some nelly that would run around and break things because I saw smoke? I'm sure that “the damage” was caused by my iMac’s little smoking problem, and nothing else.
I was glad they took things seriously; it’s the first time I’ve spoken to AppleCare without being second-guessed every other question. But, I did feel a little like I was in a dramatized courtroom when they tried to tell me it might be my fault. Dr. Barnett is recovering at Digital Society around the corner. If you wish to send her flowers, she likes tulips.